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Zahraa and swimming lesson with Daddy

Hey Mommies & All readers..

Zahraa goes to Mommy Yan’z House for beraya actually..hehe..she had a newborn baby since last 3days. Since here got swimming pool daddy and mummy wants Zahraa swimming. Here some information why we teach Zahraa swimming on early age..

So, here you go..

“Teaching your babies how to swim ….

Babies stayed for 9 months in the mother’s womb filled with water ( amniotic fluid ) , hence its only natural that babies will feel at home when they are being brought back to the water environment . Its important to teach babies how to swim at an early age . In fact the earlier the better for them . Babies are born genius and they can adapt very well to their surroundings .

But why do we teach our baby Zahraa to swim at a very early age ? Many parents out there worry that they might drown or gulp plenty of water which can be dangerous . There’s no doubt that you cant simply throw the babies into the pool and expect them to float by themselves . You need to know the technique on how to do it .

Here are some tips on how we want to teach Zahraa how to swim and dive underwater at the age of 6 months .

We started Zahraa at the age of one month starting in the bathtub . We filled the bathtub with water till it reaches upto the face covering both her ears while we lay down Zahraa and stabilize the neck to prevent her from swallowing any water . The idea is to make the baby comfortable in the water .

Once Zahraa is comfortable which lasted for 2 weeks , we decided to go to the next step. We give Zahraa an instruction “ Zahraa , Ready , Go ! “ and we pour water with a cup of water onto her head and flowing down on her face . By doing this , the baby would start to know when to hold her breath . There are times when water goes into her mouth and the babies will start coughing . Stop for a while until they become comfortable again . We did this everytime its bathtime for Zahraa and that means 5-10 times of pouring the cup of water per session three times per day . The purpose is to teach Zahraa to hold her breath each time she heard our instructions “ Zahraa, Ready Go ! “ .

As time goes by , you can increase them to 3 secs , 5 secs even upto 10 secs as how Zahraa is able to do now . But remember ! Safety to the baby is the top priority . And never leave the baby alone unguarded or unsupervised …..

Starting to teach the baby to swim has many advantages . It increases muscle tone, , bone development and even IQ ! Most importantly it might help the child to save their own lives or others in the future .

Best of luck on your babies .

And remember … its never too late to teach your child on how to swim”

While at the pool phase, we called up a professional coach to teach Zahraa since mummy is like a chicken in the water. Hhahaha.. To be honest, I was worried to put her underwater and daddy can’t be doing it alone. So, we decided to hire someone to teach Zahraa with daddy.


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